The Business of Love

Sometimes I wonder if this economy of likes, loves, and emojis are the kinda love we're really searching for?

The other day I met the owner of one of the biggest bakery shops in Cape Town, South Africa. And even when he sold that business forward, and started baking up a storm of a company closer to his own heart. And all that love, hasn't meant a thing. 

First all, we still think it's status.

Like getting a Valentine.

Or all that social media posting we do to prove we're worthy and worth love. You know - the stuff that fill up our social media feeds around Feb 14th. 

Whether it's our face, our smooshie couple pic, or our Brand logo dressed up in roses, we find ourselves competing for love on all the wrong platforms when maybe what we really want is to make an impact. 

I know I do. 

I just got my payout from Patreon. It's a membership minded platform that shows care. Because we can like everything, but not really care about much of it.

Caring for it, for what happens to it, for it, with it is a whole other level of business. 

And I know listeners love the Podcast, I've even been stopped in the streets and asked about it, but being cared for ... isn't something we easily do. 

Rescued more - for sure. Lots of businesses want that in droves. 

That's not the same thing. 

Not even close. 

What would happen if this month your business, your talents, your genius, your gifts, your products - services and solutions actually got the care they deserved. 

And not another emoji. 

Care More. 

And parting wisdom that I shared with a client yesterday

"The best business plan isn't an action plan but a business in motion and in purpose"